Starkweather Performance

Starkweather Performance and Tuning
351 North Walnut Rd #11
Turlock, California 95380
(209) 632-3925
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm

Dyno Tuning

$100 Nonrefundable deposit to schedule

Reschedule appointment

  • More than a 24 hour notice - Deposit will transfer to next appointment.
  • Less than a 24 hour notice - Another $100 deposit will be required to reschedule.

Tune Rates

Naturally Aspirated $525
Forced Induction $625

Stand Alone Cars

Note: 3 hours maximum, after that will be an additional $110 per hour.

Naturally Aspirated $525
Forced Induction $625

If your vehicle requires additional work not part of the Tune the shop rate is $110 per hour plus parts. With a 3 hour minimum.


If you have done extensive modifications to your vehicle since your last Tune it will not qualify as a retune.

Naturally Aspirated Retunes $400
Forced Induction Retunes $400


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